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The mystical waterfall in Kiyomizu Temple

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The mystical waterfall in Kiyomizu Temple

Kiyomizu Temple is one of the best tourist attractions in Kyoto, Japan. The waterfall "Otowa no Taki" is the most popular scenic spot in Kiyomizu Temple. The waterfall, which is formed by the undergound water from the Otowa Hill, has three branches, each of them has a power to make you succeed in Heath, Love, and Study respectively if you drink it. You can fetch it by a spoon with a long handle, just after 10min queue up.

清水寺是日本京都最著名的景点之一,其中的音羽之泷则颇有人气。从音羽山上流下的地下水形成的三条瀑布,分别代表着“延年益寿”,“恋爱成功”,和 “学业进步”。你可以用一个长柄勺接水喝,只需排队等10分钟左右。

heath left, love middle, study right

But there are two wrong behaviours which will make the power of water disappear. (Of course indeed there is no such power at all). The first one is to drink from all of the branches. It will be considered greedy. The second one is to drink many times from one branches. It is not always "the more the better". The correct method is to just drink once with a small amount and that will be enough.

但有两种行为会使水的魔力消失。(当然本来就没啥作用的). 第一种是每个都喝。这样会被认为是贪得无厌。第二种是一次喝好几口。其实“越多越好”并不一直成立。正确的喝法是只喝一小口就足够了。

There are a lot of interesting places in Kyoto. Welcome to come and have a nice trip!


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My personal website is available today!

After studying html and css, I can finally make my own website. It is yet very simple, but I will complete it very soon. I am now studying php and mysql. With the help of wordpress or Joomla, My website will be more powerful. I hope this website will bring me to more people who share the same interest.

Currently this website contains a homepage, a blog page, a research tag which will redirect to my lab's homepage, and a link tag that shows some useful sources on internet. I will complete the library page in future, which will storage my books, lectures and presentations in my study and/or life. I am also considering to open an online shop; however, I am not so eager to fulfill this part.

I have to admit that there are still of a lot of shortage of this website. To become a good programmer, I still have a long way to go. However, it's my pleasure to see the first step which makes building a website no longer a dream. It is just my hobby to do such a work: to explore the most powerful technique of human beings in the 21st century.